Schluter Kerdi steam shower

Schluter’s Kerdi shower system is an affordable alternative that creates a 100% waterproof ¬†shower. Kerdi is an 8 mil thick sheet membrane with a fiber fleece laminated to it. Not only is it water proof, it is also vapor proof ¬†which gives it an advantage over other products when building steam showers.

The Scluter Kerdi shower system comes in a kit.The components can also be purchased separately. The photo shows some of the different parts of the kit.

Kerdi Kit: Kerdi, Kerdi Drain, Kerdi Band, Kerdi Fix

Kerdi Kit: Kerdi, Kerdi Drain, Kerdi Band, Kerdi Fix

Thinset is troweled evenly over the substrate just prior to embedding the Kerdi membrane.


The shower walls are covered completely in Kerdi and the pipe protrusions are sealed with Kerdi Fix.



Here the drain is being coated with thinset just prior to adding abs glue to make the connection to the shower’s p-trap.kerdi5

The drain is connected to the drain pipe and the shower floor is floated with drypack mortar and allowed to dry.


In this steam shower the ceiling was waterproofed as well.



After the Kerdi is installed you are ready to tile!









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